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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

We can fit a rainwater harvesting system to reduce your domestic or commercial water consumption and the cost of your water bills.
  • Harvesting rainwater can reduce the mains water consumption of the average home by 50%
  • Commercial buildings can totally cease using mains water for toilet flushing by using rain water (this does depend on the building’s roof area)
  • Industrial buildings (often with large roof areas and require high volumes of non-drinking water for cleaning processes) can reap the largest savings on their water bills. A rain-water harvesting system can pay for itself within three years.
  • Developers working on sites with difficult ground conditions or drainage issues can have us implement rainwater harvesting systems to mitigate run off (sometimes needed for an agreement between building regulations and water companies by reducing the amount of storm water to be discharged to Soakaway or water company Storm drains). Not to mention reducing the risk of flooding for your new development.
  • Rainwater is very soft compared to mains water. This enhances washing laundry as it improves the comfort to wearers and reduces the use of detergents
  • Irrigating your garden or landscape using rainwater is ideal. Rainwater is perfect for plants and the lack of any added chlorine or fluoride provides an ideal environment for growth and healthy foliage.
  • All of this is on top of the environmental benefits of both reduced run-off water after heavy rain fall (causing the washing away of soil nutrients, flooding, property damage) as well as reduced mains consumption.

Complete Water Solutions Ltd can supply and install all of the components of a rain water harvesting system with a minimum of disruption.

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