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Water Engineer Devon
'If left unresolved, a leaking water pipe could lead to your property, or even your neighbours property, becoming damaged'
Your home's water supply and drainage system is something few householders ever think about. Only when something goes wrong do any of us really think about the problems that occur with fixing something that is buried under the ground and filled with mains-pressure water. But if you are prepared, we can help you save money.

If your supply pipe bursts it is your responsibility to have it repaired from the boundary of property (or from the connection directly to the mains if it doesn't run under a street). You may be able to get some help (retrospectively) from the water company to repair or replace a leaking supply pipe, but this is not guaranteed. However a leak is not something you can ignore. It can lead to damage being done to your property or neighbours and the water company can acquire a court order demanding that you fix a leak. If you do not, then the water company can repair it and then charge you for it.

Repair of your water supply pipe may be included in your buildings insurance, if it is not there are simple and affordable policies available to cover it.

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